Our Story

We started with the simple idea that businesses need more than scores and reports to meet customer experiences (CX) in the 21st century. We combine our CX expertise with the speed and innovation required by the evolving technological environment we live in.
We stand for:

  • Fast and smart approach to CX
  • Reliable and fast solutions for our client's problem
  • Amazing team of software developers and designers

Our Values

Think Long Term

The first step in exceeding your customer's expectations is to know those expectations. We make sure you are always up to date with your customer's opinions and needs, as well as technology and innovation. We provide our service as long as you need it.

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Own It

Customer and employee insights are fundamental to building strong and mutually beneficial relationships. We believe that gaining those insights from online surveys should be event-driven and ‘always-on’ – no beginning and no end!

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Teach and Learn

We believe surveys should be designed to drive improvement on the front line rather than generating yet another report. Choosing us as a partner will ensure you know about your customers and employees at all times as a fully integrated part of your communication processes.

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Act Transparently

We are convinced that asking people for their opinion is generally a good thing. That is why we involve our clients in the development process as much as possible, get their feedback regularly and improve constructively based on their requirements.

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Creative mind by people like you

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Founder / CEO

Ignatius Van Zyl

"Symmetric Delta was founded on a disruptive idea: to put people at the center of software. Now, over a decade later, this idea - coupled with a pursuit of innovation – remains at the core of our business every day. We’re proud to provide our customers with enterprise applications that help them solve some of their most complex business challenges."

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Engineering Lead

Marius Victor

"There are countless ways to streamline business processes. At Symmetric delta we do our best to stay up to date with the latest technologies. That along with a brilliant team, we are able to pick the best solution for your business."